Hey Girl, Gonna Pick You Up

Cudahy, WI was rocked, there was no place to be alone, and I soundchecked the drums. Questions of lyrical annoyances are answered and bad co [...]

One Good Tone Isn’t Good Enough

Remote overdubs are completed and reviewed, two different heavy guitar tones create one big sound, and questions about moving to Nashville t [...]

Indenturing A Bellhop’s Servitude

First gig of 2017! Topics include seeing the Niagara Falls, experiencing better wings, and figuring out the cool way to transport gear. Ques [...]

End of 2016 Special!

It’s been a year’s worth of gigs, guitars, and good times to get caught up on. A guitar lick every day, first written article fo [...]

Forgot My Slide

Last gig of 2016! It took place in Ohio, a slide was forgotten, and catering was exquisite. It is made clear that I’m never talking ab [...]

Bottom 10% Of Perverts (The Las Vegas Gigs)

Gigs at the MGM Grand and Mirage for NFR week in Las Vegas, this time with notes about talking points so nothing is left out. Backline gear, [...]

Drunk Psycho Fans

A gig in Detroit and a gig in Ringle, WI are the topic of the day. Also, twanging with humbuckers and shredder licks demonstrated slowly on [...]

Pretend The Microphone Is On

There was an acoustic cover gig with Kori Caswell in Hannibal, MO, and a rousing one-person discussion about recording and touring. I go int [...]

Chocolatey Tone

Guitar gear is still in the car so the drum kit gets a little attention. Gigs in Indianapolis and Chicago area are recapped. Hi-hat playing [...]
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