A Conversation With Brad Paisley’s Guitar Guru, Zac Childs!

The podcast visits the Truetone Lounge and hangs out with Zac Childs! Plenty of cool inside info about Brad Paisley’s early career is [...]

All About Bluegrass Gigs with Kori Caswell!

Special guest Kori Caswell talks about her career as an upright bassist and walks us through what bluegrass gigs are like! [...]

I Got The Undead Elvis

A trip to play in Iowa City, IA and Menomenie, WI was filled with great friends, good burgers, and bad boobs. I don’t think I have to [...]

Not The Time To Be Insubordinate

A festival in Hattiesburg, MS was played, having a place to chill near the stage is really convenient, and after a listener sent a question [...]

Hey Girl, Gonna Pick You Up

Cudahy, WI was rocked, there was no place to be alone, and I soundchecked the drums. Questions of lyrical annoyances are answered and bad co [...]

One Good Tone Isn’t Good Enough

Remote overdubs are completed and reviewed, two different heavy guitar tones create one big sound, and questions about moving to Nashville t [...]

Indenturing A Bellhop’s Servitude

First gig of 2017! Topics include seeing the Niagara Falls, experiencing better wings, and figuring out the cool way to transport gear. Ques [...]

End of 2016 Special!

It’s been a year’s worth of gigs, guitars, and good times to get caught up on. A guitar lick every day, first written article fo [...]

Forgot My Slide

Last gig of 2016! It took place in Ohio, a slide was forgotten, and catering was exquisite. It is made clear that I’m never talking ab [...]
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